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SWALLOW BIRD is a swallow bird's nest trader, exporter, and producer which located in the South Borneo - Indonesia. This company has been established since 1990. Together with the achievement of our production capacity, we have exported our products to the most of Asian countries, Eropa and America so far. Swallow nest is well known within Chinese community for their health benefit, as part of the hundreds years Chinese culture, which comprises thousands of natural herbs.

SWALLOW BIRD has many locations to develop swallow bird's nest to keep its ability in achieving the target or even more. To make it all possible SWALLOW BIRD employ many labours and it also means to make easy the operation and control.

SWALLOW BIRD produces various kinds of swallow bird's nest. They are Blood Nest, and White Nest. Blood Nest is the specialization of SWALLOW BIRD and this is also to be its focus of business.
SWALLOW BIRD mission is to provide the best quality products at a fair price. A close and excellent working relationship with many other swallow bird's nest producers and customers is to be our priority. Our promise to you is that we will handle your order on high priority from the beginning until it is delivered to you, no matter how big or small.

Our Bird Best is 100 % Pure, Natural, and High Quality.
Don't Contain Chimicals and Whitener.

is a kind of swallow nests which are common to encounter. An excellent source is the excess of protein. It improves cell regeneration and our immune system. Women Who Wants to have very good skin complexion and healthier skin tone, For Acne / Chronic skin problems. For Expected Mothers: It is an excellent source of calcium. It dissolves phlegm, strengthens lungs, liver and improves metabolism. Most importantly, the will of some babies born with good skin complexions. For Children: An excellent source of nourishment for growth and development. It improves the child's immune system.
This Bird nests mostly in regard for the blood of these birds are mixed with saliva, but it is not. Red in the nest was caused by eating food in swiftlet originating from certain insects which resulted in the nest to red. the excess is For Elderly: An excellent source of calcium to fight osteoporosis. It strengthens lungs, improves immune system and Digestive System, Which is essential to good health boost Among the elderly. For Those just recovered from an operation. For Smokers: It helps to Cleanse Blood and lungs get rid of impurities and toxins. For Men: It is a premium source of supplement for enhancing libido and improves her immune system.

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