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Welcome to Swallow Nest market place

SWALLOW BIRD is a swallow bird's nest trader, exporter, and producer which located in the South Borneo - Indonesia. This company has been established since 1990. Together with the achievement of our production capacity, we have exported our products to the most of Asian countries, Eropa and America so far. Swallow nest is well known within Chinese community for their health benefit, as part of the hundreds years Chinese culture, which comprises thousands of natural herbs.

SWALLOW BIRD has many locations to develop swallow bird's nest to keep its ability in achieving the target or even more. To make it all possible SWALLOW BIRD employ many labours and it also means to make easy the operation and control.

SWALLOW BIRD produces various kinds of swallow bird's nest. They are Blood Nest, and White Nest. Blood Nest is the specialization of SWALLOW BIRD and this is also to be its focus of business.
SWALLOW BIRD mission is to provide the best …

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